Valerija Saveljic case

Good morning! We very easily got over the fact that the main whistleblower in the whole story about Verica Maras, Mrs. Valerija Saveljic, according to the claims of her employer at the time – Plantaze, earned €600,000 in a short time. Today, Saveljic has a salary of €2,800 in the Montenegro’s power supplier company (EPCG).

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Valerija Saveljic case

While the main media resources in this society are being spent on analyzing the performance of the government that was replaced three years ago, the new elites are rushing to exhaust the few resources that Montenegro has left. While the sharp focus of newly arrived personnel and financial resources of newspapers and TV Vijest from Belgrade is on the government that the citizens gave their opinion about, the power of the new forces at the local and state levels continues to spend fund lavishly.

Yesterday from Belgrade, the seconded editor at Vijesti taught Montenegrin tweeters in a colonial manner that patriotism is garbage collection, while his colleague Zaklina Tatalovic from the headquarters goes to Kosovo in a camouflage uniform and reports with the flag of Serbia in the foreground.

While they rummage through and recount for the thousandth time the carefully curated transcripts of the SKY application, the new authorities hire, travel and dine with our money. They allocate salaries worth thousands and thousands of euros to themselves, instead of leaving it to the prosecutor’s office and the court to deal with it, because the citizens gave their opinion on it. More than three years ago(!).

I was especially touched by the news about the salary of Mrs. Valerija Saveljic, who now receives €2,800 per month in a loss-making company named Solar Gradnja. There, she was reassigned from another nebulous state company – Procon, which DPS made as sinecures for the most deserving. DPS made these, the current parties in power continue to use. It just occurs to me that we need a Milieu to clean up all those bureaucratic parasitic nebulae from companies and agencies, because precisely these structures swallow the prosperity and potential of a society.

Ms. Saveljic is a paradigmatic example of the new elites. It’s a cliché story about the headlong success of penitents from the former regime. Like Marko Milacic, Valerija got angry at the system at one point and turned the tables. The difference is that Marko’s contract was not extended and he did not get a permanent job, and Plantaze stopped paying Valerija extravagantly. Literally. That’s how, when the abundant sources dried up, we found out about Verica Marash through Valerija. As long as they earning well, everyone was fine. When Mrs. Saveljic was about to be left without mercy, revenge began.

There was also a change of government, and Mrs. Maras was in prison for a while. Mrs. Saveljic got a less lucrative but equally good sinecure through URA. Mrs. Saveljic understood how the system works. You just need to have a gift for archiving and collecting compromising documentation. And then use it at a crucial moment.

This is a recipe for success in the newly established value system.

I don’t know if Ms. Saveljic has anything to do with the donkey farm, but many who voted and supported URA turned out to be donkeys. Pejoratively, donkeys.

That’s it for today and this week. We wish you a pleasant weekend. See you again on Monday.

Kind regards,

Ljubomir Filipovic, CdM analyst and columnist

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