Veljović: I didn’t know Goranović was prosecuted

Veselin Veljović (Foto: RSE)

Head of the National Police, Veselin Veljović, told Pobjeda daily he hadn’t ordered prosecution of a Nikšić resident, Milija Goranović, who has been fined 500 euro by the Offence Court because he insulted Mr Veljović in a comment posted on Facebook.

Mr Veljović said: “I’ve had the opportunity to hear about a good many insults over the past period but I’ve never ever ordered anyone’s prosecution. The fact is that I don’t pay attention to such comments. I’ve been performing my professional activities by respecting certain principles and beliefs, primarily the Constitution and laws.”

Milija Goranović posted a controversial comment on Monday below the text ‘We are safe now when we have expelled criminals from Serbia’ published on a FB page of the daily Vijesti.

The police from Nikšić then apprehended him and filed a request to the Offence Court for his further prosecution, stating that he’d violated the Law on Public Peace and Order.



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