Veljović: The police have the capacity to tackle organized criminal groups

Montenegrin police have the capacity to respond to organized criminal groups and most severe criminal offences by identifying and depriving of liberty responsible persons, said Director of Police Department, Mr Veselin Veljović, during regular meeting in Nikšić.

The meeting highlighted the results achieved last year, emphasizing high-quality and efficient work of the police.

“Nikšić police performs its tasks with the highest level of professional responsibility and commitment, making the security situation in this municipality stable”, said Mr Tihomir Goranović, the head of the police.

He pointed out that 79% of criminal offences had been solved, as a result of efficient work of all operation structures in Nikšić.

“Observing the current situation, the prevailing feeling in Montenegro is that of reason and shared responsibility regarding laws and norms”, Mr Veljović said.

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