Venice Commission supported the proposal of the Government of Montenegro

Zoran Pažin

Venice Commission of the Council of Europe supported the proposal of the Government concerning the amendments of the Law on Judicial Council and judges. This law postulates that members of the Judicial Council keep exercising their duties until the new Council is formed.

“Venice Commission, the most supreme European authority in the are of constitutional law, supported the legal solution proposed by the Government with the aim of preventing the blockage of the Judicial Council, the key guarantor of the judicial independence”, said Zoran Pažin, Vice-President of the Government and Minister of Justice.

“The opinion of the Venice Commission is a confirmation of the constitutional and legal and democratic foundation of the solution proposed by the Government. If we all approach this question with certain degree of political and and social responsibility that it deserves, I’m sure that MPs will be able to quickly agree on the professional and moral references of the candidates for the members of Judicial Council”, said Pažin,

Venice Commission is concerned about the delay in the appointment of the members of the council since it can’t start working as planned. It points out that judicial independence is an essential element in the rule of law and that the function of judicial Council is its key guarantor.




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