VIDEO: Jelena Djokovic in Podgorica: Peace comes from family!


“We’re opening kinderagardens where there aren’t any, we educate teachers to have better interaction with these children. We go to villages which are almost forgotten”, said Jelena who is also the director of Novak Djokovic foundation. 

Djokovic emphasized that peace rests upon an individual. And that is, as she said, family. And the basis for it are love and respect, believes Jelena. 

And success is imminent only if we’re proactive. We cannot wait for the system or the country to help us. 

“If Novak has waited for the country to do something for him, we would be watching him at some of the local courts now. His support was his family. We mustn’t wait for anyone to help us”, she emphasized. 

Jelena is in Podgorica as one of the many guests of the convention “She’s here” which is gathering respectable ladies from all over the world. 

However, special guest and main speaker will be Shirin Ebadi, known as one of the first female judges in Iran and winner of Nobel peace prize in 2003. for a lifelong fight for rights of Iranian political activists, women and children. 

It is expected that big attention from the public will be drawn by Croatian writer and sharp critic of Balkan society Vedrana Rudan. 

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