VIDEO: The nonpartisan ministers are staying in the government, but they will consider it again in 15 days!


“We made a unanimous decision to stay in the government with even greater energy and commitment to control the authorities. We take responsibility for the decision we made”, Vujovic said at a press conference in Podgorica.

He considers that the decision was adopted in the interest of Montenegro.

“We had meetings with the ‘troika’. Demos and SDP suggested staying in the government, whereas URA Civic Movement said we should decide on our own. Zarko Rakcevic said he does not mind if we stayed. We believe that DPS members should not be at important positions in this moment”, Vujovic said.

Journalists asked what will happen to URA’s representatives at management and operational positions who resigned.

“They have made the greatest contribution. Their resignations will be ascertained today. We will insist to fill those places”, Vujovic said, pointing out that the issue of replacing URA’s staff was not defined by lex specialis, and that this issue represents a legal void.

Maric announced they would re-analyse achieved results in the next fifteen days.

“After that, there may be a revision of our decision to stay. We believe that, for the time being, there is a sense to stay in the government”, he pointed out.

For Mugosa, it was important to join the government to show that there is an alternative to Montenegrin policy.

“We’ll stay for a while and try to change something”, Mugosa said.

Vujovic said that the agreement on free and fair elections, among other things, was not obeyed when it comes to A2A, legalisation of facilities, as well as the media. Those were the reasons why URA left the government.

Vujovic sees declaring many of the documents that were requested for review secret as most dramatic example of obstruction in their work.

In addition, the ministers noted other irregularities, for which they will file criminal charges to special prosecutor Milivoje Katnic. Among others, the charges are related to Roksped, Societe General Bank and Telenor. As Vujovic said, in these cases there are indications that there were irregularities in collection of the tax debt.

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