VIDEO: Whistles for deputies of the opposition, applause for Sabovic


“We gathered aroung front and rear entrances to the building of the Assembly and we are waiting to see if the rest of Montenegrin opposition MPs will really come to participate in the work of the Parliament as announced”, organizers of the protest posted on their official Facebook page.

Gathered citizens chanted: “Thieves, thieves!”


Around one hundred protesters gathered, led by the deputies of the Democratic Front, booing and chanting against MPs who came to attend today’s session. Gathered protesters, however, applauded to an MP from the Social Democratic Party, Džavid Sabovic.

Organizers of the protest yesterday called for a gathering in front of Parliament, enticing as many citizens as possible to come “welcome the delegates of authorities and the opposition, which will appear tomorrow at the first official session of the Parliament of Montenegro, the way they deserve”.

President of the Movement for Changes party (PzP), Nebojsa Medojevic, said yesterday that he was satisfied that the “opposition colleagues accepted the invitation not to participate in the work of the parliament”.


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