Vucurovic: If there’s no majority supporting Law on President, we’ll organize elections

Jovan Vučurović

DF MP Jovan Vucurovic believes that it is a very bad idea to carry out the reshuffle of the Government that has already been overthrown in the Parliament.

“Actually, we from DF have already announced several times that a political corpse cannot be revived, because that would be a compromise not only for those who are in the government and perform their duties until a new one is elected, but also for those who would join that government”, Vucurovic has said in a statement delivered to the media.

On 12 December, the Parliament’s agenda includes the Law on the President of Montenegro.

“We firmly believe that the unity of those who won on 30 August 2020 will be shown in action, which will be a good basis for the formation of a new government. And if by some strange chance there is not a majority for voting on the Law on the President, then I believe that elections in the shortest possible time are the best solution and I have no doubt that DF will be the winner”, Vucurovic has cncluded.

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