Vukovic: Djukanovic’s candidacy is more and more realistic


The possibility of DPS leader Milo Djukanovic to join the presidential race seems more and more realistic, said professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences, Ivan Vukovic.

“Although he is by far the best candidate that the ruling party can offer to voters, I am not sure that DPS leader would be thrilled if it turns out that – after so many years in the most responsible state posts – there are still justified reasons for his engagement of this kind,” Vukovic told portal Analitika.

Commenting on the possibility that the so-called civic part of the opposition to support a single candidate at the presidential elections, Vukovic said that the only way to do so is that the other civic parties support the presidential candidacy of the DCG leader.

However, he believes that opposition’s boycott of presidential elections is more realistic if it has a bad result in the local elections which will be held on Sunday.


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