Vuković: the Capital must use IPA funds more

Ivan Vuković

Secretariat for Communal Affairs and Transport will be divided into the Secretariat for Communal Affairs and the Secretariat for Transport. In addition, Secretariat for Work and Social Welfare as well as Secretariat for the Development of Entrepreneurship will be formed. The Mayor, Ivan Vuković, confirmed that he suggested Časlav Vešović and Slađana Vujačić as his deputies.

“My idea is to form new service for international relations within the job organization. The objective is to improve the cooperation with the representatives pf local administrations from the region and wider, but also with the representatives of the international community in Montenegro. There will also be an office, or a department, within this new service, which will focus on “withdrawal” of funds from European funds at disposal of Montenegro. In other words, this office would deal with IPA projects”, said Vuković.

The new Mayor announced reorganization of two secretariats.

“The present secretariat for Communal Affairs and Transport will be divided, as well as the Secretariat for Work, Youth and Social Welfare. We are soon going to define the official titles of these bodies”, said Vuković.

The reason for this reorganizaion, as Vuković says, is the complexity of the work in secretariats, as well as the need for additional engagement in the implementation of the electoral program.

Ivan Vuković became Mayor in July, succeeding Slavoljub Stijepović.


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