Week in Review: Top CdM stories from the week of May 3, 2021

A round-up of CdM’s most popular news from the past week.

Top 10 stories:

  1. New measures introduced

In Montenegro, no municipality is in the red zone anymore and as of tomorrow, the same measures will apply to the entire country. The ban on intercity traffic at weekends and curfew from midnight to 5am still remain in force, the director of the Public Health Institute Igor Galić has said at today’s press conference.

  1. Prisoner Peko Đikanović died on the road to the Clinical Center

Prisoner Peko Đikanović had died on Friday around 1 pm on his way from the prison in Spuž to the ambulance within the Clinical Center in the main city, Podgrica, a lawyer Obrad Delević confirmed for Pobjeda daily.

  1. A consecrated car is easier to drive

High-ranking police officer Mladen Marković has asked a priest of the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral to consecrate his car.

  1. Five injured in a car accident in the town of Andrijevica

Five young men were injured in a car accident on Friday in the town of Andrijevica.

  1. EC proposes: AstraZeneca and Pfizer jabs should allow entering EU

The European Commission has proposed that member states ease their current restrictions for unimportant travels (tourist travels as well) within the EU, having in mind the progress in vaccination and the development of the epidemiological situation around the world, the EC website says. In case they adopt this approval, Montenegro citizens, who received either AstraZeneca or Pfizer/BioNTech jab, will be able to travel to the EU countries.

  1. Flying from Belgrade to Tivat extremely expensive

Users of social media have been complaining about expensive pricing of the Air Serbia flights from Belgrade to Tivat, amounting over €200. Citizens are complaining because of the monopoly held by Air Serbia since the shutdown of Montenegro’s national airline, Montenegro Airlines.

  1. Krivokapić: If you think that this Government will arrest priests – I think you are wrong, there is not only earthly world

“If you think this Government is going to arrest priests, I think you are wrong. Priests are just as guilty as I am, or any other citizen who goes to church on religious holidays”, PM Zdravko Krivokapić has said, answering the question of who is competent to control the observance of epidemiological measures in religious facilities. He claims that it is not true that there is only the earthly world.

  1. Football playgrounds consecrated as well

A footage showing a priest consecrating a football playground in Podgorica went viral on social media.

  1. Govt’s vehicle involved in a crash near Palada

Prosecutor’s office and police are to determine all circumstances of a car accident.

  1. Krapović: Mr Mijač, everything happens for a reason…

Democrats MP Dragan Krapović advised the owner of Savana Company and a successful Montenegrin businessman Veselin Mijač to do his job and if there are any disputes, courts are there to solve them.


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