We’ll exceed our expectations despite the crisis, Grbović


Even though I do believe the coronavirus pandemic will strongly affect the economy, not only in Montenegro but also worldwide, I believe that the most important thing is to comply with the recommendations of the healthcare organizations at all levels. It is important to preserve the economy and jobs, as this all will pass but the crisis will last for months, Mr Veselin Grbović, president of the Municipality of Nikšić, said.

He explained that all business entities are working, though at a lower capacity, except for ‘Metalac’.

“Waiters, chefs, taxi drivers, hairdressers… they are not working, as is the case in other municipalities It’s a big problem, but the good thing is that in early January, we announced tenders for capital investments planned in 2020. We are about to complete the procedures, we selected a contractor, started with works and I think we’ll exceed all of our expectations,“ he noted.

The general economic conditions are not good, neither will they be in the coming months, but it’s good that the construction sector is functioning, according to Mr Grbović.




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