Why does DF campaign creator have no comment on faking the photo?


Five days ago, DN sent a few questions to Shaviv, but he has not responded yet. The questions were sent to e-mail address published at the official website of the company headed by Aron Shaviv, as well as through Facebook. There has been no response so far and the reasons can only be speculated.

Shaviv began his career as election strategist in 2008 when he worked on former Serbian President Boris Tadic’s campaign. According to the Shaviv Strategy & Campaigns website, the company is specialised in “winning election campaigns for the centre-right” and that it “offers public opinion research, campaign strategy, management and communications services to political parties and candidates, elected officials, opposition leaders and heads of state”.

Shaviv is also known for creating videos that resemble sketches with a political message. He applied such a concept in the campaign in Slovakia and other countries where he worked. Very similar videos were delivered and the Democratic Front as well.

On the Shaviv Strategy & Campaigns website, there are countries in which he worked listed. For the time being, Montenegro has not been among them. The question is whether Aron Shaviv’s name will appear in the official documents at all or he will, as it is speculated, stay low profile during this campaign. DN earlier unofficially learnt from DF that Shaviv runs its campaign. So, the famous election strategist, as he represents himself, is thought in public to be creator of DF’s campaign. If so, he is responsible for faking the photo, violating law, abuse of citizens… If he has nothing to do with that, then he is expected to publicly deny being behind the unprecedented campaign in this region. Or to confirm he is. Until further notice, Dnevne Novine considers Mr Shaviv to be creator of the campaign the protagonists of which are trying to deceive Montenegrin citizens, using uses harsh words, threatening and calling on violence…

Questions sent by Dnevne Novine to Mr Shaviv:

“Is the Israeli company headed by you, which leads DF’s campaign, author of photomontage by which DF tried to deceive Montenegrin citizens? If not, did you respond to DF’s move?

Has your company developed the SMS messages sending campaign to the citizens? How much does the campaign that you do for DF cost?

Is it true that you will withdraw from the campaign because of DF’s disunity about the campaign direction?

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