Zoran Djurisic received 105.8 thousand euros in two years


According to data deleivered upon the request of web portal Analitika and in accordance with the Law for free access to information, Djurisic earned the most in January of 2013, around 10.000 euros, but he received only 9.15 thousand because his salary was reducted by a crisis tax of 852.58 euros.

Djurisic received a net of 71.43 thousand euros in 2012, while for period between 1st of January until 30th of September in 2013 he received around 34.45 thousand euros. 

According to informations of Analitika received from MA, a significant part of the documentation of the company is missing and because of that it is impossible to fully follow who was paid for what and how much were certain incomes. 

Also, prior to 2005 there are no documents about payments – no papers or documents to testify about external payments. 

According to latest property registration, in spite of large incomes, Djurisic saved only 11 thousand euros. 

Incomes of leading people of Montenegro Airlines came into focus of public’s attention these days again when current executive director Zivko Banjevic said that his monthly salary for two positions that he’s covering in the company is 3.5 thousand euros. 

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