Njegove fotografije dronom prosto oduševljavaju

Među ljubiteljima fotografisanja dronom, Martin Sančez je jedno od najpoznatijih imena. Ovaj tridesettrogodišnji američki fotograf, grafički dizajner i svjetski putnik nas već neko vrijeme oduševljava svojim fenomenalnim slikama iz ptičje perspektive uz pomoć dronova.

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In the middle of a bull fighting arena. This might be more dangerous than the running of the bulls. Speaking of which I better get up before that bull comes running in! 🐂 . . . Bullfighting is the most traditional of Spanish Fiestas. The Spanish people consider them art forms which are intimately linked with their country’s history, art and culture. Bullfighting can be traced back to ancient days. They were popular spectacles in ancient Rome, but it was in the Iberian Peninsula that these contests were fully developed by the Moors from North Africa who overran Andalucia in AD 711. A Spanish bullfighting arena is called the Plaza de Toros. All major Spanish cities have impressive bullrings . . @djiglobal @fromwhereidrone @instagood @dailyoverview @artofvisuals . .

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