Abazović promises public debate and VC’s opinion

Dritan Abazović

Yesterday, DPM Dritan Abazović met with representatives of opposition parties on the occasion of the announced changes to the prosecutorial laws. Mr Abazović promised them that after the public debate the final draft amendments to the Law on the State Prosecutor’s Office would be sent to the Venice Commission (VC), Dan reports.

SDP deputy leader Bojan Zeković finds the proposed draft law unacceptable because, as he says, it is a showdown with the VC’s views, while the DF sees it as a “strong normative setback” in relation to the current solution.

SD MP Boris Mugoša says that the discussion with Mr Abazović was constructive, but that they still could not get an answer as to who the author of the draft is, and that the very fact that the names of the people who wrote the draft are hidden indicates certain shortcomings.

Mr Genci Nimanbegu states that the Albanian List is ready to conduct a dialogue on determining proposals that are in the interest of the state and citizens, and not some political orientation.

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