Arrest warrant issued for Marko Jovanović

Marko Jovanović (Foto: Facebook)

The international police organization Interpol has issued arrest warrant for Podgorica resident Marko Jovanović on murder charges, sources close to investigation revealed to Pobjeda daily.

Jovanović has been accused of murdering Miloš Šaković and Radivoje Jovanović, who were sitting in a coffee bar ‘Forum’ in the center of the capital.

As soon as police caught a wanted fugitive, he will be taken into custody in the Institution for Enforcement of Criminal Sanctions in Spuž. Such a decision has been made by the investigative judge, after collected information and evidence on his involvement in the afore-mentioned crime.

So far, the investigation found out that Jovanović committed a double murder on 31 March as well as that he belongs to organized crime gang of 7 members.



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