Bar-Boljare motorway project: 380 Chinese workers returned to Montenegro

Works on the priority section of the Bar-Boljare motorway are about to continue, as 380 Chinese workers have returned to Montenegro. China’s CRBC company, which has been constructing the priority Smokovac-Mateševo section, confirmed this information for Dnevne Novine daily.

“According to our plan, the last group of workers, 94 of them, returned to on 21 June. Now we have around 380 Chinese workers in Montenegro,” CRBC told.


CRBC assures the public that the works are going to intensify now when the workers have returned. “Lack of workers due to the coronavirus epidemic greatly affected work dynamics.”

As for the deadline for the completion of works, they underlined that it would be defined in line with the agreed procedure.


Right now, 89% of construction works have been performed on the priority Smokovac-Mateševo section.

Along with the works on the priority section, activities are being intensified to create preconditions for the beginning of the realization of the next two sections (Mateševo-Andrijevica and Smokovac-Tološi-Farmaci), which the Detailed Spatial Plan of the Bar-Boljare highway defines as the second phase.

“Having in mind Montenegro’s current indebtedness and taking into account the recommendations of key program documents, the plan is to realize the next section of the motorway according to some of the modalities of private-public partnership in order to reduce additional borrowing. The decision on determining the optimal conditions and manner of realization is yet to come,” the government noted recently.


There are currently 1.365 workers engaged in the construction of the priority motorway section. Of this number, 753 workers are from China, 146 are Montenegro nationals who work for the Chinese company, while 466 workers have been engaged by a subcontractor.

A contractor was paid nearly €16 million

A contractor is performing works on the priority motorway section (Smokovac-Mateševo) in line with its Program of Works and is being paid for the actual work. In 2020 (including April), a contractor was approved works amounting to €27.676.329 and was paid €15.913.199.


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