Bečić: Relations between Montenegro and Croatia are characterized by effective cooperation

Aleksa Bečić

President of the Croatian Parliament, Mr Gordan Jandroković, has congratulated Mr Aleksa Bečić on his appointment.

“I would like to take this opportunity to confirm Croatia’s readiness to further promote bilateral friendly relations between our countries and nations”, Mr Jandroković said.

Mr Bečić said that Montenegro-Croatia relations were characterized by stable cooperation at the highest political level, which clearly showed the interest in strengthening economic and parliamentary cooperation.

“Croatia’s proactive view expressed through continuous political and expert assistance instills optimism that Montenegro will be an equal member of the European Union in the near future. In achieving Montenegro’s strategic goals, our partners on the international political scene especially appreciate the support provided by important countries such as our neighbor Croatia, which further encourages us to persevere in the reform process, which I am convinced will result in a higher standard of living for all citizens”, Mr Bečić pointed out in the letter of gratitude.


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