Bojanic doesn’t have adequate support, Milosevic; DPS’s afraid of defeat, Jokovic

Political director of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), Tarzan Milosevic, firmly believes that Milo Djukanovic will be head of the state and the most adequate solution for Montenegro. Vladimir Jokovic, the Socialist People’s Party (SNP) leader, on the other hand, says the DPS is terribly afraid of defeat in presidential elections.

On the Živa istina socio-political interview show, Milosevic has estimated that the opposition’s candidate, Mladen Bojanic, cannot have sufficient support bearing in mind he has different position on some key issues (the NATO membership), compared to parties which supported him.

Vladimir Jokovic claims Bojanic is protecting interests of the state and citizens, adding that he expects the DPS campaign to consist of messages of the country’s vulnerability.

Some of the issues covered in this show were: inability of the opposition to have a joint candidate; why did the so-called civic opposition betray the Social Democratic Party (SDP), what took the DPS so long to reveal its presidential nominee; were there external attempts on decision-making processes; will the presidential election results influence results of the local elections, especially in Podgorica, etc.

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