BS: Supporters of DF does not want Bosniaks in their ranks

The BS said that the protests of the DF represented another failed project of the political group, and that their consequences are felt by people through considerably weakened central transport network in Podgorica and difficulties in operating of infrastructure in the Capital.

The party added that the political messages and iconography showed there was no civic character of the DF’s protests, as announced by their organisers.

“The nationalist and chauvinistic cries and chants cannot and are not a part of civic commitment, but they represent remnants of the past and an apparent entrapment of some political entities of the DF in that ideology,” the BS said in the statement.

Bosniaks are surprised and worried by the messages coming from high-level political address who are promoting the idea of ​​civic and multinational Montenegro and who see “civic character and vital democratic processes” in these protests.

“It is surprising that they are so confused that they recognise civic commitment in myth invoking rhetoric, nationalist iconography and offensive messages at the protests,” they stressed on the statement.

As the BS added, it is certain that, unlike some political entities, the citizens have well assessed what kind of protest this is and understood the messages and the content of these meetings, as well as their ultimate goal – “causing instability that would call into question obtaining NATO invitation”.

“Therefore, these days public support for that the strategic goal of the state – NATO integration – is growing,” they concluded in the statement.

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