Budva leads the way in the number of international visits

Since the beginning of 2019, tourists from more than 170 world countries have visited Riviera of Budva.

As representatives of TO Budva report, most arrivals and overnights were made by guests from Russia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany and Ukraine. The fact that guests from Germany were dominant is encouraging, as Germany is considered the most important emitting market. 

“According to the official data provided by Statistical office of Montenegro, tourists from European countries usually opt for hotel accommodation in Budva. Greatest emitting markets are Germany, Russia, Serbia, Albania, China and France”, say the representatives of TO Budva.

This year, Budva welcomed many tourists from distant destinations, such as Japan, India, Indonesia, South African Republic, Cuba, Malaysia or Taiwan. There are also tourists who come from less expected, interesting destinations like Papua New Guinea, Mauritius, Cambodia, Nigeria, Venezuela, Peru, Uruguay, Seychelles and many others.

“In the middle of August, streets of Budva are featuring the diversity and richness of different world languages”, said the representatives of TO Budva.

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