By buying the Institute, we will be burdened with debt worth millions

Žarko Rakčević

Negotiations between the Government of Montenegro and the Consortium made up of a Czech company ‘Philibert’ and ‘Villa Oliva’, owned by the businessman Žarko Rakčević, on the sale of 56.48 per cent shareholding of the Institute ‘Dr Simo Milošević’ will be continued probably in the first half of September. There are certain disagreements on several issues and we hope to resolve them by the end of the year, a co-owner of the Šajo Group, Mr Rakčević told Pobjeda daily.

As for the disagreements, he explained, they primarily referred to the disputes which were not fully inserted in the tender documentation. Mr Rakčević emphasized that many speculations have been circling in the public, including some statements by Mr Nebojša Medojević, and all are far from the truth.

“Taking into account the negative experience with the potential buyers of the Institute, I hereby convince the citizens of Montenegro that this is not about the off-shore companies but rather a serious consortium,” said Mr Rakčević, adding that they have committed themselves to invest a minimum of €28 million in the infrastructure, and to improve the offer in the next 5 years so that the health facilities get a 4-star and Tito’s villa a 5-star rating.

Simultaneously, they intend to keep the existing healthcare program for the citizens of Montenegro and sign new contracts with the foreign partners.

“I expect the continuation of negotiations in the first half of Sept. and reached agreement on disputable matters,” emphasized Mr Rakčević, saying that his company and the Czech partner didn’t have time to deal with malicious statements.





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