Clinical Center got 37 new specialists

Clinical center of Montenegro has become richer for 37 specialists.

There are now 297 specialists total in this institution.

As Director of the Clinical Center of Montenegro, Jevto Eraković said, these specialists have gained right to perform the most responsible and most complex medical procedures.

“Our young doctors collaborated with the experts in the Clinical Center of Montenegro as well as with eminent experts from developed European centers. That will definitely have a positive impact on their work. I believe they will improve the quality of health protection”, said Dr Eraković.

He reminded that every doctor’s duty “is to dedicate his vocation to people’s health while preserving the reputation and dignity of this very important profession.

In the forthcoming period, Clinical Center is going to engage leading doctors from different areas of medicine who will be sharing their knowledge and experience with our doctors.

Minister of Health, Mr Kenan Hrapović, pointed out that the country was focused om health protection as its main priority.

“We’ve always listened to any request made by healthcare institutions and we always will. The Government appreciates the most human of all professions by investing into education and training. Since 2012, around 600 specializations have been granted and 1000 nurses have been employed and that’s the contribution of the country to the recognition of the needs of the Montenegrin healthcare system”, said the Minister.



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