The Court of Honour chairman resigned: Dismissal of most of members expected

The chairman of the Court of Honour of the University of Montenegro (UCG), Drazen Cerovic, submitted an irrevocable resignation to that post. He explained that he had been considering such a move for a long time due to the “huge burden”, but that he was waiting for the period of consolidation of the situation at the University.

However, instead of appointing a new chairman, the authorities proposed shortening the three-year term of office of this UCG body, which should last until May 2018.

Without precise clarification, chancellor Nikolic proposed to the Senate to decide on the formation of a new Court of Honour.

Of the nine members of this body, only three of them are not proposed for the dismissal: Miroslav Kezunovic (the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education), Marina Rakocevic (the Faculty of Civil Engineering) and Filip Vukmirovic (Faculty of Medicine).

Professors Srdjan Kadic (Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics), Zana Lekic (the Music Academy), Aleksandra Banjevic (the Faculty of Philosophy) and Milovan Radulovic (the Faculty of Electrical Engineering) are to be dismissed.

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