Davidović: Krivokapić targeted by DF as he doesn’t want to be at anyone’s service


A businessman and benefactor of the Serbian Orthodox Church, SPC, Mr Miodrag Daka Davidović, accused last night the leaders of the Democratic Front, DF, of trying to ruin the political agreement on the formation of a new government, but “they won’t succeed as the Prime Minister-designate, Mr Zdravko Krivokapić, is supported by the Montenegrin people,” writes Dan, a daily.

Mr Davidović told the press last night that he had an unpleasant meeting in the town of Trebinje with the leaders of the DF, Mr Andrija Mandić and Mr Milan Knežević, ahead of the parliamentary elections, when it turned out that they didn’t think alike concerning the coalition list and MPs in a new mandate.

“I wanted professors and renowned people to be first on the list, and if we lose, to withdraw and cede seats to active politicians. They did not agree with it, obviously fearing that they would be the ones to return the seats,” noted Mr Davidović.

According to him, the SPC had nothing to do with the pre-election nomination of Mr Krivokapić as the leader of the bloc ‘For the Future of Montenegro’ and it wasn’t included in the formation of the list either.

“Zdravko Krivokapić is an honorable man. He is not a rag, but a man with dignity and he will not be at anyone’s service. He obviously bothers them, because that group of people is interested only in the armchairs [positions],” claims Mr Davidović.

Metropolitan Amfilohije left four wills

Mr Davidović mentioned Metropolitan Amfilohije, describing him as an outstanding man we all admired.

“He was waking us up with the love of God that guided him. In the last days, by going through his existence, he made four bequests. These are the four bequests, which the ungodly claim do not exist. The first, dreaming of Ulcinj Briska Gora, to rise again the residence of St. Vasilije [St Basil] Ostroški. Secondly, to reconstruct the chapel of Patriarch Gavrilo Dožić in Morački Vrujci. Thirdly, to build a memorial home honoring Patriarch Varnava Rosić, and fourthly, in which he defiantly defended the shrines, he wanted to restore the mosque in Pljevlja, as a contribution to the restoration of what was broken by hostile stones.”


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