Delegation of Podgorica in Israel: New technologies for more efficient services

Delegation of Podgorica, guided by the assistant secretary for sustainable development, Mr Dragutin Đeković, took part in the big international conference of local administrations and innovation fair trade, MUNI WORLD 2020 which is taking place in Tel Aviv.

Over 90 countries of the world took part in the biggest conference of the kind. Special emphasis was put on the vulnerability of the “smart town” concept, in relation to cyber attacks that can become serious threat to functioning of town services.

Mr Đeković had the opportunity to meet with the mayors of the host country, Denmark, and our region. They discussed innovative ways of settling problems local administrations are faced with.

Apart from the conversation with the longtime experience in the application of “smart town” concept, delegation of the Capital City got acquainted with the latest innovation with the aim of considering their applicability in Montenegro.

The conference discussed urban planning of modern towns, and it was stated that it should be based on the principles of sustainability with special emphasis on the content between residential and business buildings. The latest recording technologies, 3D modeling and planning of entire towns.

Climate change and its harmful effect on towns was analyzed and emphasized the needs of further intervention to prevent negative impact on health and reduce increasing pressure on public services.


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