Democrats provide list of the candidates for ministers

According to Dan, last night Democratic Montenegro sent to Mr Zdravko Krivokapić a list of candidates for ministers in the new government.

Previously, leaders of DF and president of Socialist People’s Party, Mr Vladimir Joković, sent a letter to Mr Zdravko Krivokapić, urging him to reach an agreement on the division of departments.

The letter, signed by Mr Andrija Mandić, informs Mr Krivokapić, that they will give up on one department, Ministry of Science, only to show that positions are not important to them.

As Dan finds out, Mr Branko Radulović decided to give up that department in order to ensure that Mr Nebojša Medojević will get the position of the vice-president of the government in charge of reforms and coordination in the fight against organized crime and corruption.

“If Mr Krivokapić refuses, then this is not reform government and prime minister-designate doesn’t want leader of the Movement for Changes. The ball is in the court of Mr Krivokpaić now”, Dan unofficially reports.

Mr Medojević said last night that, if Mr Krivokapić decided that the Government would be expert and without DF leaders in it, he would vote for it but would not take part in it.

He added that reforms required great knowledge, courage, dedication, commitment and love for Montenegro, “which prime minister-designate does not have”.


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