Democrats to return what they stole

Administrative Board of the Parliament of Montenegro will consider Monday the request submitted by Special caucus to include Mr Aleksandar Damjanović in the Committee on Reform of Electoral Legislation. Special club would accept the appointment only if one Democrat leaves the Committee.

Mr Damjanović reiterated that he wouldn’t agree with any political compromise. He insists on lawfulness.

“I stick to law and lawfulness. Special caucus should have its representative on the Committee, which means that Democrats must concede the position. After that, we are not going to interfere in their deals and combinations with DPS”, said Mr Damjanović.

On the other hand, analyst Mr Srđan Vukadinović, says that opposition’s political games are flippant.

He said that opposition wanted the changes that would lead them to victory in the elections.

Member of DPS, Mr Miodrag Vuković, agrees with Mr Vukadinović, and points out that the opposition should express its view on the reform of electoral legislation if it had one at all.

Opposition seems to be utterly unprincipled, stresses Mr Vuković and reminds of Aleksa Bečić’s incomprehensible behavior.

“For the past three years, Democrats have been refusing to sit at the same table with the parliamentary majority. Now, the situation seems to be a lot different”, says Mr Vuković.

Mr Vuković also reminds of the request of DF that they won’t take part in electoral reforms unless amendments to the Constitution guaranteeing equality to Serbian people are adopted.

If their requests are accepted, they will enter the Committee. Otherwise, no reform. That’s how important the reform is for them.

The next, fifth meeting of the Committee will be held on Monday, 23 September.

Democrats decided to sit on the Committee after Chief of the EU delegation, Mr Aivo Orav, asked them so.


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