DF is planning new protests

Milan Knežević

Work of the Montenegrin Parliament has been threatened again after the announcements that Nebojša Medojević might be prosecuted because of the discussions he had at the Parliament, said in the interview for “Pobjeda” Milan Knežević, President of the Democratic People’s Party and one of the leaders of Democratic Front. As he says, DF is thinking about organizing protests in fall.

“Personally, if this persecution of leaders and functionaries of DF continues, and all due to the attitude we express and which is guaranteed to us by the Constitution, that we shouldn’t take part in any parliamentary or ad hoc group which would deal with changes of electoral legislation. If somebody thinks that they can terrorize us on a daily basis but play victim at the same time, then they are so wrong. I’ve said recently that every attack on DF will provoke counteroffensive reaction, and that means we’re going to use all democratic resources available to defend our political and human beliefs”, said Knežević.

Journalists asked Knežević what the key reason for the new protests might be.  He said that it was the last activity of the Special Prosecutor’s Office to initiate criminal procedure against Nebojša Medojević. Not only is that violation of the Constitution, but it also represents new conflict with DF.

“Milivoje Katnić “came out of coma” and now, following the instructions of Milo Đukanović and Duško Marković, starts coming into conflicts with DF. That’s why we are thinking about organizing protests in fall, as means of responding to the most recent attack of criminalized parts of the regime. They must be ready for a long, political fight with our coalition”, says Knežević.

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