DF post defeat

Opposition leaders struggled to perform

Writes: Miraš Dušević

The Democratic Front experienced yet another electoral fiasco. They are no longer the strongest opposition structure. Their many supporters took to social networks to demand that leaders leave their comfortable armchairs, resign, and let younger forces lead them into new political battles.

DF leaders remain silent. The leader of the New Serbian Democracy, Mr. Andrija Mandic, did not even appear, nor did he announce a word to his electorate. The leader of the Movement for Change, Nebojsa Medojevic, stayed true to his signature finger pointing – this time blaming the American embassy as well. Unable to see any responsibility on his part, or at east muster some courage to call to protests, he did manage to invite Bečić and Abazović to do so.

Mr. Becic has already stated that he will not indulge Mr. Medojevic with a reaction to this invitation.

There was only one bearer of the DF-SNP list in Podgorica, Mr. Slaven Radunovic, who had the courage to admit that this was the worst failure of the opposition since the 90s. He said everyone is obliged to investigate into this “general opposition failure in all municipalities and to find their share of responsibility – including DF”.

“We all knew there would be the usual abuses of state resources, blackmailing with jobs, buying of personal documents and using ‘state-conscious’ mafias and thugs on the election day; these are the obstacles that were so much anticipated, that it is almost unreasonable to use them as justification. We had to count that, as long as DPS and Milo Djukanovic are organizing the elections, this is the name of the game. And that’s why we had to focus on other things, and there are many reasons why we have failed. The most important of them is that our leaders simply failed to find the way to the electoral body”, Mr. Radunovic wrote on Facebook.

He added there are new political options – young, courageous and aggressive – who also failed terribly for the same reasons.

“Why? Because we were so focused on taking down the dictator, we forgot we needed the votes of those who are usually abstaining. Our brave and unwavering supporters were not enough, and we failed in convincing the abstains to go to the polling stations. And this was not the problem of our electoral programs or lists – they were simply disappointed with the inter-relationship of the opposition. It is entirely our fault that the voters did not believe that the opposition is united enough to win”, he wrote.

Mr. Radunovic added that DF entered this election with a difficult financial situation and exhausted by the long-standing struggle on the street and in the courtroom.

“If the enormous money and energy invested in the project “Coalition for the 21st Century” were aimed at demolishing the regime – the project completely failed, because DPS is stronger than ever”, he concluded.

While DF is preparing new excuses, and the only real question that remains is whether young people in the opposition ranks have the guts to take leadership from the hands of Mandic, Medojevic and Bulatovic, and start a new political battle – this time, a serious one.

Because the changes are healing, and any government is better with a strong opposition able to put argumentative pressure and force the ruling party into action.

Until then, DPS won’t be bothered. On the contrary, they are rubbing their hands. They are getting stronger. The proof is fresh, from Sunday. DF remains in protest..

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