Donald Trump’s statement turns into a huge joke

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New York Times headlines, July, 18, 2087., striking news – “World War III has just broken out”. The main news says that strong and very aggressive Montenegrin people fired without warning nuclear missiles from the polygon Donji Zagarač.

This is one of the most notable jokes which are being spread via social media networks and which were instigated by the statement of Donald Trump. He said that Montenegrin people are aggressive and that their aggression could provoke World War III.

This sense of humor was colored by additional details, such as the one which says that the attack was carried out “early this morning, 11:55, Montenegrin time”.

“What former president Trump said several decades ago came true. Tough and aggressive Montenegrin people fired this morning great number of nuclear missiles in all directions. According to reliable sources, before the attack, Montenegrin were making “rakija”, says the text of New York Times.

The reporter then informs the readers that they will soon be provided with more detailed information and invites them to send photos of their cities – if they exist at all.

The publication of the text arose heaps of comments in social media networks.

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