DPS and SD want the decisions brought by Podgorica Assembly to be annulled

Skupština Crne Gore

Democratic Party of socialists (DPS) and Social democrats (SD) would support the initiative for the annulment of the decisions of the Podgorica Assembly brought in 1918. Nikola Rkočević, representative of DPS, says that such initiative is „necessary and fair“. He points out that we should be finally able to answer the question whether Montenegrin people came back to their national and state-building consciousness.

“I’d say not enough so that the architectural foundations of Montenegro can be out of danger from undermining and restructuring. Reasons for that are numerous but the main is that we have never opened the subject of tragic 1918, we haven’t told that story through a dialogue, we haven’t archived it once and for all” ,says Rakočević.

He thinks that it was logical, although not fair that this subject hasn’t been put into the focus.

“The Communists were not very interested in this subject, the essence of it,to be precise. But today, when Montenegro regained its independence and the ruling party led by our president Milo Đukanović strengthened the country economically and reinforced its security through NATO integration, I think it’s high time we reformed 1918, as being one of the most shameful pages of our long history”, says Rakočević.

Deformation of Podgorica Assembly can be done through public debates and with prominent and relevant experts.

Spokesman of Social Democrats, Stefan Šuster, said that injustice we suffered was corrected in 2006, when Montenegro regained its independence.

“As you all know, in 2011, the Parliament of Montenegro adopted the Law on status of the descendants of dynasty Petrović Njegoš which defines that shameful event from 1918 as a violent annexation of he country”, said Šuster while pointing out that the Declaration and Constitution of Montenegro clearly obey that Act.

According to him, SD will support such act if it is part of the parliamentary procedure. President of the Liberal Party, Andrija Popović, said yesterday that he believes the Parliament will soon adopt special act which will systematically annul all the decisions made in 1918 which also relate to the issues of the status of church, national identity, and complete historical heritage.

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