Đukanović: Montenegro is not field for performing experiments

President of Montenegro, Milo Đukanović, was loud and clear today – if the EU decides to slow down the integration process, we must be ready for it.

“Everybody has to understand that this country isn’t the field for performing experiments. We talk to the EU like Europeans. We believe it’s important that Europe be united too. Otherwise, it will lose the race with Russia and China. It’s necessary that everybody in Montenegro understands what’s our common interest”, said Đukanović.

Đukanović believes that dismissal of Andrijana Kadija, Director of the Radio and Television of Montenegro, will not affect the path that Montenegro follows.

“I think that won’t and can’t affect our goal, which is the EU. Everybody in Montenegro needs some more information in order to understand the essence of the entire process”, says Đukanović.

When it comes to the opposition, the President hasn’t got any doubts – he’s always willing to hear what are the steps the Government can take in order to bring the opposition back to the Parliament. He also said that the authorities are now working on delivering the promises they gave to the citizens before they won the elections.

Montenegro must adopt the European system of values so that one day, when it becomes the EU Member State, it represents the organic part of the contemporary European civilization.

“What has been adopted must be implemented, and the implementation mustn’t be selective”, said Đukanović.

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