Economic cooperation between Montenegro and Turkey is becoming even stronger

Sa sastanka

Good political and bilateral relations between Montenegro and Turkey are marked with stronger and stronger economic cooperation and increase of foreign direct investments, was the conclusion drawn at the meeting of the Prime Minister, Duško Marković, and Turkish Ambassador Serhat Galip during his farewell visit to Marković’s Office.

“Montenegro and Turkey are states that cherish mutual friendship. Our political understanding is at a very high level, and our economic cooperation is strengthening as well. I’m especially glad that the exchange of goods significantly increased, in comparison to the last year”, said Marković.

He pointed out that Turkish investors have freedom to do their business in Montenegro and that their capital is safe.

Galip said that Turkey is in the third position regarding FDI, with 44,3 million EUR. He also said that export from Montenegro to Turkey had increased.

Marković thanked Turkey for the support they give to Montenegrin strategic commitments and the numerous activities the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) undertakes within the development of social infrastructure.

Now that Montenegro is NATO member, these two countries have the opportunity to cooperate at a higher level and within the frames important for a wider, global, security.

Galip said that Montenegro can serve as an example in the region and wider.

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