Erogen Brajović arrested in Shkodër


Erogen Brajović, accused of organizing criminal group which planned murders, was arrested during the action of Albanian police which was carried out under the code name “Power of Justice”.

As the media report, Brajović was arrested after several months of extensive investigation of activities performed by the suspect groups. The second day of the operation, the police confiscated weapons, munition, and other objects.

In the last three months, there have been six murders in Albania. Five out of six is connected to the conflicts with criminal groups. According to the Albanian media, some murders which took place in Shkodër were connected to the criminal groups which have backgrounds in political structures.

Montenegrin authorities accuse Brajović of being the head of criminal group which planned murders of “persons of interest” from Montenegro.  Police discovered his name when they arrested two criminal groups headed by Ranko Radulović from Nikšić and Igor Vukotić, from Kotor.

The investigation deepened after the Prosecutor’s Office collected evidence against the suspects who planned serious criminal offences.

Ilir Rustemi, Emrah Plak and Astmer Bilali were also arrested.

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