Gasoline prices still going up


If the gasoline prices go up again on Tuesday, Montenegro will get closer to the record year 2012, when one liter of Eurosuper 98 cost 1,54 EUR. Back then, the price of Eurosuper amounted 1,50 EUR, whereas the Eurodiesel was 1,38 EUR. Therefore, we’re only 10 cents away from reaching that record.

This would also cause increase in the prices of goods and services, as well as transport. And that means – an attack on the life standard of the citizens of Montenegro.

Minister of Economy, Dragica Sekulić, said last week that “there’s no reason to panic”. Citizens, however, took this statement for granted and criticized her laid back attitude towards the budget of the citizens.

The exercise policy wasn’t invented by the Government of Montenegro. It’s one of the ways to finance public services and it exists in all countries of the world. The average citizen doesn’t know exactly what is this money used for but we should mention that education, healthcare system, police, kindergartens and so on, are financed that way. Not only parks of the gigantic administrations.

But the invisible arm of the market appeared in the most plastic shape it could. People are looking for the alternatives in transportation, or they are going to our neighbor, Albania, to fill up gasoline, have lunch, buy cigarettes, completely unaware that they’re actually financing neighboring healthcare system.

In other words, the Minister was right. No reason to panic. The citizens will find some way to evade excises and the country will find the way to increase its budget.

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