Government protests over the ecological incident on Bojana

Government of Montenegro lodged a protest to Albania, against the latest ecological incident in the boundary watercourse of Bojana river affecting the image of this prestigious tourist destination. The idea for the protest was initiated by Mr Milutin Simović and Mr Pavle Radulović, Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism.

“In accordance with good neighbor policy and in constant communication with the Albanian side, Government is insistent on applying all international conventions. Therefore, Montenegro is obliged to inform its international partners about the situation”, said the representatives of the Government.

Citizens have recently complained about the huge amount of carcass drifting along the river.

Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and Food Safety, Veterinary Medicine and Phytosanitary Affairs Administration visited Bojana yesterday with the aim of urgently addressing the problem of carcass.

The treatment of the lower flow of the river has started. Considering the amount of plastic bags, it will take several days to collect all the waste.


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