Illegal narcotics market in Montenegro: A difficult situation

Based on the latest research from 2016, there are 10 thousand registered drug addicts in Montenegro, and unofficial information points to a larger number. NGO 4Life has information that 20 people died from drug abuse last year.

There are about 10 types of drugs on the illegal market in Montenegro, and their price ranges from 5 euros and more. CdM learns that there is cannabis, amphetamines, LSD, cocaine, heroin, MDMA, ecstasy, hashish, mushrooms on Montenegrin market.

The prices depend on quality of drugs. Cocaine ranges from 80 to 150 euros, cannabis from 5 to 10, heroin 10, ecstasy, hashish and speed cost 10 euros, MDMA 40, LSD 15.

Drugs come to Montenegro from the region. Speed and similar synthetic drugs come from Bosnia and Serbia, cannabis from Albania, and cocaine from Netherlands via ports Bar and Kotor.

Police seized around 3 tonnes of drugs during last year.

“One of the most recent means of transport are drones. They can take up to 4 kg of drugs over the border”, said expert and professor of safety Darko Trifunovic.

Executive director of NGO 4Life Sasa Mijovic said that synthetic drugs were on the rise in Montenegro.

“Until two years ago, most addicts abused heroin. However, there are some changes, and people who seek help for addiction to cannabis, ecstasy, speed and MDMA”, Mijovic said.

Montenegro’s biggest issue in drug prevention is the lack of organization and communication between its institutions.

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