Interests of SD should not be the govt’s priority

Osman Nurković

If the govt decides to announce public call for Montenegro airport concessions, the procedure will be in accordance with the law and interests of the Social Democrats (SD) won’t be important, stated the transport and maritime affairs minister, Osman Nurković.

Nurković told Dnevne Novine daily ‘the procure would be transparent and if the govt decides to call for concessions, all the interested parties would be able to apply. Leasing airports represents an important potential of our state and we won’t do it just like that’.

As for the SD, they gave their statement in this regard, saying that the Airports of Montenegro are and must remain one of the key state elements in making Montenegro a world-renowned tourist and business destination.

Minister Nurković, on the other hand, didn’t want to comment some rumors that members of this party would step out the Government in case of the airports concessions. “I know they would be staggered but personal interests of SD should not be the state’s priority.’



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