International award for Montenegrin prosciutto

foto: RTCG

The fifth international prosciutto festival was held recently in Drniš, Croatia, and  Montenegro won gold medal for its most famous product – the Montenegrin prosciutto.

The Vice President of the cluster, Dragan Martinović, says that this is a very important recognition for our country since it is the first international recognition for this brand.

“The assessment lasted five days total. Professors and experts from the Croatian Veterinary Institute were the graders. The parameters they took into consideration were the quality of the product, quality of the raw material, salinity and other sensory features a good product should have. Montenegrin prosciutto has lesser salinity, humidity that satisfies European standards and it is characterized by small quantity of smoke during the drying phase”, said Martinović.

Martinović also reminded that their members are the greatest producers and businessmen at the territory of the Old Royal Capital. They produce around 300 thousand kg of prosciutto on an annual level, which is equal to the total annual prosciutto production in entire Croatia, where prosciutto is celebrated as one of the most prestigious and most recognizable gastronomic products.

The mayor of Cetinje, Aleksandar Kašćelan, congratulated the businessmen from Cetinje on their efforts to make Montenegrin prosciutto a brand of image not only in Montenegro but also at the foreign market.




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