It is absurd to discuss formation of a new government

Andrija Nikolić

And while the opposition is still talking about the technical government, DPS says that, for them, it’s not a topic. Dialogue is always an option, say DPS members, but as long as it is held in the Committee on Further Reform of Electoral Legislation. Mr Sergej Sekulović, an analyst, says that the EU should increase the pressure on both the government and the opposition.

Technical government t has once again been launched by the opposition. Proposal made by the United Montenegro as a way out of the current situation is unnecessary for Democratic Montenegro, as the joint strategy already exists- in the Agreement on Future.

“That agreement defines the government of civil union composed of one third of the government, one third of opposition and one third of civil sector. Nobody from DPS must be the head of such government. That’s the only model Democrats will support”, Ms Zdenka Popović said.

However, DPS disagrees.

“Talking about the government of civil union or technical government composed of three groups is an absurd”, said Mr Andrija Nikolić, from DPS.

DPS members think opposition’s requests are unreal.

“We won’t negotiate on any reconstruction of this government of creation of a new one. Such requests are political show”, added Mr Nikolić.

To sum up, no news at Montenegrin political stage, says Mr Sekulović.

“The only solution I see is the EU increasing pressure on both sides”, said Mr Sekulović.

Mr Sekulović thinks that the government should be more flexible.

“The governing coalition isn’t flexible when it comes to dialogue”, added Mr Sekulović.


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