Kemp: It is my honor to spend these difficult days among Montenegrin people

Alison Kemp

Alison Kemp

Ambassador of Great Britain to Montenegro

Citizens of Montenegro, my dear friends, I will start with the main topic which is now dominant in every home, every family. Your country and my country, our European continent, and finally, the entire world, are facing the coronavirus pandemic. This is the greatest health and medical challenge pour generation has ever been faced with.

Unfortunately, this is not the challenge that will remain limited on figures, presentations, conference halls and TV reporting. Pandemic concerns us all at the most personal level possible.

I have already said that all of us make contribution, as much as we can. As any other epidemic, this one is also an opportunity for people to express solidarity and love for their closest ones. I would like to express my gratitude to Montenegro for the selfless help it had offered during the repatriation of British nationals. Despite limited capacities and the scope of this crisis, Montenegro generously enabled 31 British national to come back home. On the behalf of their families and British Minister for Europe in the Foreign Office, Mrs Morton and on my own behalf, I express thanks to the National Coordination Body, Airports of Montenegro and national air carrier.

United Kingdom is also severely affected by this crisis but we are obliged to actively contribute to this global fight. We are part of coordinated international action which relies on the instructions of the World Health Organization and is based on scientific principles and arguments. So far, the UK has donated over €610 million to research and assistance conducted by WHO, Red Cross and UNICEF. And our contribution isn’t only financial. Scientists across the UK are working day and night on developing the vaccine and our medical teams are trying to suppress the pandemic.

We shall not forget the danger world and national economies are in. We must face this threat straight away, before consequences get even worse.

No matter how important these global efforts are, they are far away from our families, our neighborhood, our entrance, our street. For an ordinary citizen, the sky is high, G7 is far. We are doing our best to help Montenegro too. With other partners, we are drawing up plans to suppress coronavirus in Montenegro and assisting the Government in introducing online platform to help activities performed without physical presence of the participants.

W are soon going to announce beginning of the campaign #Safeathome, with the aim of providing information to the victims of domestic violence. #Ostanidoma page offers different materials for learning English for all ages. I am very happy about the agreement the Government signed yesterday with UNDP and the EU.

And, finally, back to the most important thing. I urge you to rely on each other. Take care of your family and your friends. Spirits up, the fear has never been humans’ best friend. You have demonstrated solidarity, discipline and sense of togetherness. I can only tell that it’s my honor to spend these difficult moments among these people.


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