Killer of Miodrag Kruščić recorded by cameras

Foto: Screen Shot TV Vijesti

Montenegrin police found video recording of the person who shot dead the owner of the night club „Beagle“, Miodrag Migi Kruščić (49) from Podgorica. Video recordings of the supervision cameras have been taken as a part of the murder investigation and they clearly show the killer approaching Kruščić and then shooting him.

The analysis of the video recordings indicated that the killer wanted to cover up. He had big black tracksuit with and boots with fat sole and so he appeared to be larger.

Therefore, the initial conclusion that this murder was committed by a 190 cm tall and corpulent man does not fit the real physical appearance of the criminal.

The investigators believe that at least two more persons assisted the crime, beside the two direct perpetrators. They were probably, the person who “targeted” the victim and the other person who was waiting the others in another vehicle aimed for escaping, after they had burned “Golf 6”

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