Knežević about Davidović: He told he’d rather join Đukanović than DF


The only truth that the businessman and benefactor of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro, SPC, Mr Miodrag Daka Davidović, told last night is that the leaders of the DF had met with him and Mr Aleksandar Damjanović in late July, halfway between Trebinje and Bileća. At the time, Mr Davidović did not mention Mr Zdravko Krivokapić as the leader of the list, but was angry because the SNP decided to be in the coalition with the DF. In a rash moment of sincerity, he banged the table with a book and said: “I’d rather join Milo Đukanović than the Democratic Front!“ one of the leaders of the DF, Mr Milan Knežević, stated today.

According to him, Mr Davidović never ever mentioned Mr Zdravko Krivokapić as the leader of their list on that meeting.

“Of course, the meeting had to be a failure. Everything else are just pointless stories of an exhausted businessman, who, now left with no business operations in Serbia and Republika Srpska and being in the midst of court proceedings in Macedonia, has decided to spit on the DF, as it’s the easiest way to get concessions in the tycoon clans of the First Family. I have a clear conscience and I can proudly say: “I wish everyone worked against Zdravko Krivokapić like the DF and I did.” The worst thing that can happen to him is to become the prime minister, and be proposed for that position before the entire Montenegrin public by Milan Knežević, a 22-year younger politician, “striving for the armchair [position]”, Mr Knežević noted.

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