Kostić rents facility in Vrbas for €8,4 annually

Miodrag Kostić

The Government has rendered a decision on renting the facility (431 square meters) with the land (856 square meters) in the center of Vrbas, MK Mountain Resort, owned by the group of businessmen of Miodrag Kostić. The rent is for a period of 15 years. The annual rent is will amount 1000 dinars, which is €8,4.

MK group had intention to cede this facility to Montenegro – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, precisely, without compensation. However, because of the legal provisions they opted for the symbolic rent amount.

In the meeting held in April the Government authorized the ambassador of Montenegro to Serbia, Mr Branislav Mićunović, to sign the lease agreement with the representatives of MK Mountain Resort.

The facility has been reconstructed, it’s fully equipped and has its own boiling room, parking and video surveillance.

“Due to the disagreements at the National Council and Montenegro not being able to participate financially in the rent, the National Council has given up on the rent”, reads the document of the Government.

“On the initiative of the Embassy of Montenegro and the General Consulate in Serbia that have constant cooperation with legal entities and influential businessmen in Serbia, MK group expressed readiness to buy this facility from the Development Fund of Vojvodina and donate it to Montenegro. Considering that the transfer of property from MK group to Montenegro is not possible according to the existing regulations in Serbia, owner of MK group suggested conclusion of the lease agreement on the behalf of the Government of Montenegro”, reads the document.

This facility is going to be used for consular activities, development and improvement of relations and cooperation between citizens of Montenegro and Serbia, as well as reinforcing culture and tradition of Montenegrin national community in accordance with the laws in Serbia.

“The intention of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to use this facility for the undertaken activities in the organization of our diplomatic and consular representations in Serbia. The emphasis will be put on the economic promotion, that is, consolidation of economic ties between Montenegro and Serbia, organization of different cultural events”, reads the report.





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