LGBT couples in Montenegro will be allowed to marry but not to be parents

At the yesterday’s session, the Government defined the Draft law on Same Sex Partnership. This law will enter into force one year from the day of its adoption at the Parliament.

Representative of the Ministry for Human and Minority Rights, Blanka Radošević-Marović, said that this enactment granted the same-sex couples the same rights heterosexuals  already have. However, they won’t be allowed to be parents, foster parents and they won’t be able to adopt children either.

Conclusion of the registered partnership is quite similar to marriage; therefore, the act is performed by the registrar, in the presence of witnesses, in a ceremonial hall. Spouses can change the last name or add another last name to their own.

“This Law refers primarily to the community of the same sex couples and to all the accompanying rights and obligations. The majority of them derive from the rights referring to heterosexual individuals and are applied in everyday life”, said Radošević-Marović.

She said that same sex partners would be allowed to exercise rights from the area of healthcare and social protection but they wouldn’t be allowed to be parents, foster or adoptive parents.

NGO dealing with the promotion of human rights welcomed the adoption of this enactment and said that Montenegro had made another step forward. Now, it’s up tot he MPs to show that they defend interests of the citizens of Montenegro, no matter the differences.

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