Medicines List to be updated soon


The Commission established within the Ministry of Health, assessing whether certain medicines should be put on the Medicines List, is about to make the decision on additional medicines on this List, meaning that 40-50 new medicines will be on the List as of Sept., according to Pobjeda, a daily.

The negotiation talks with the representatives of around 20 pharmaceutical companies that offered new medicines are in the final phase.

The List is going to include more medicines from the area of ophthalmology, as well as infectious diseases, primarily for HIV and hepatitis.

“The Commission has prepared amendments to the new list of medicines and we hope that its application will start from Sept. after additional controls and administrative obligations are completed. Our goal is that every new List is better than the previous one, and that modern treatment options for all diseases become available to doctors and patients as well,” the Ministry of Health clarified for Pobjeda daily.

The Ministry explained that the List is revised at least twice a year and even more often if needed.

“Following the entry into force of the first revised Medicines List as of 1 March 2018, the List has already been revised twice so far.”

The existing List includes 1,178 medicines and they “refer to all pharmaceutical forms and different concentrations / strengths of 554 single drugs”.

A specific list

The Medicines List also encompasses a specific list which is also entirely financed through the system of compulsory health insurance.

“It includes medicines for rare diseases, for treating patients who underwent transplantation surgeries, onco-haematological chronic diseases, rare tumors, etc,” the Ministry of Health emphasized.



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