Migrants are approaching Montenegro

Brod Dikoti na kom su migranti

As Prime Minister Duško Marković announced, by the end of this week, the Government will render a decision regarding Italy, which wants Montenegro to accept  one part of a total of 140 migrants, embarked on the ship “Dicotti” which is in the Sicily now. The EU closed its borders to migrants and so the countries of the Western Europe are under great pressure since they are requested to do what the EU Member States don’t want.

The migrants, mostly from Eritrea, are captives in a port in Catania, because Italian Government won’t allow them to disembark until other EU Members agree to accept one part of them.

Official Rome addressed  Montenegro asking it to accept part of this migrant group too.

Criminologist Velimir Rakočević says for CdM that Montenegro is expected to show cooperation and solidarity, since these are features our country is recognized for.

“In turbulent years one fifth of our citizenship were refugees. What we have to do in this situation, is to take care of the interests of our country and the safety of our country”, says Rakočević.

He points out that the state has to make a good assessment of the situation and take into account that Montenegro is not a final destination for migrants.

“We should approach this issue in accordance with our possibilities. The Government will definitely bring decision which is in the best interest of the state”, says Rakočević.

Security aspects of migrant crisis are currently the most important political issue in the region and in Europe.  The aspects of this crisis have been discussed for months.

Political parties in Montenegro have different opinion regarding this subject. There are those who thing that migrants could endanger Montenegro’s safety and those who think that we have to express humaneness ans provide temporary shelter for people who are escaping horrors of the war. This issue will become even more intense in the forthcoming months when a new wave is expected.


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