MONSTAT for CdM: We have no knowledge of citizens refusing to take part in census

Foto: Pixbay

From 3 December, when the census in Montenegro began, until yesterday, the MONSTAT Statistical Office had no knowledge of citizens not allowing to be registered through the census. MONSTAT told CdM that there were few objections from citizens. MONSTAT believes that the census will be completed within the defined period.

Answering the question of whether citizens report objections to enumerators and the course of the census itself, MONSTAT states that in the context of objections, which was expected in the first two days of the census, they can point out that the instructors had suggestions on the work of individual enumerators.

“These are suggestions in the area of technical irregularities, which were pointed to each enumerator so that they would not be repeated. When we talk about citizens’ objections to the work of the enumerators, there were individual objections that were resolved to the satisfaction of the citizens after establishing the factual situation”, said MONSTAT.

It points out that it conducts all activities related to the enumeration in order to complete it within the stipulated period.

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